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The best on Motorcycle Sports Touring on the Web

There are, of course, thousands of webs out there which cover motorcycles and touring. And most, of course, suffer from bad design or irrelevant content - or both. Here is a small collection of webs I have found it worthwhile to visit.

First of allFirst of all

Pace Yourself: The street is not the track - Itís a place to Pace. This concise and very well-written text was written in -93 and has become a cult classic on the web. I read it back then and have always tried to master the Pace. 
Believe me: We Try to ride like this. Read it, use it, share it!

The European Alps

Track & RoadTrack & Road: "Wanna do a one-day ride or a huge journey during a couple of week ?? Here youíll find all tips to have a perfect trip, road books if you donít know already where to go, and a whole reports of my travels in Scandinavia and in the Alps ."
This is a personal web made and edited by the french Thomas Vitte. thereís also stuff on track racing and MC maintenance and physics(!). Recommended.

www.alpineroads.com: Or: How to closely examine 200 metres of tarmac on the most demanding and exhilarating roads in the world.
This is The best general web on biking in the Alps. Plenty of very good stuff on passes, roads and places. Some day I plan to put up something like this on Norwegian roads. Alas, I live too far awy from the Alps to be able to come up with something like this.


These are also webs with lots of info, but they are almost all only in German and therefore suffer with too much detailed information

www.alpenbiker.de: Lots of stuff on Alpen-Touren and Alpen-Pässe. The Alpine Motorbiker: Good on navigation, GPS and accessories. Harry´s Tourer Site: On a Pan-European through the Alps. MotoAlps: Alpenführer für Motobiker.

Rest of Europe

BestBikingRoads.com. This is what ROADMC once wanted (and maybe will be): A motorcycle routes repository for bikers. More than 300 routes are listed with maps, pictures and comments. Although most routes are English, I managed to locate unknown routes even in Norway. Highly recommended!

Ultrablade.com: Motorcycle Tour Guide to France and Spain. This is the only web (in English) I have found on French and Spanish motorcycle roads (two very nice motorcycling countries!)

MC Maps of Norway: Its very seldom to find webs dedicated to Norwegian MC-roads but this is the one. Although almost all descriptions describe roads in the eastern part of Norway (none on the mountains and the western part) it is worth a visit if you plan a trip to this far-away place.

The US:

California Motorcycle Roads - For the love of the ride. Simply the best motorcycle sports touring web (except RoadMC, that is ;)

Motorcycleroads US - almost 1600 roads listed for a total of over 97,000 miles! Again, a great web community effort. This guyís mission is to provide a comprehensive listing of US roads available from Internet resources or contributed by motorcycle riders. Try it!


ROADMC: World-class motorcycle roads in Europe and Norway on video on-bike, the complete list on European and Norwegian reactions to speeding plus advice on equipment, books, maps, and MC video technology

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