What Motorcycle Sports Touring was all about –

General adviceGeneral advice

Please be aware that the stuff on books, maps and video was published in the stone ages. But it should still offer some important answers.

What I have found important:

  • Plan all touring in the Alps as early as possible in the season:
    Always finish by the mid of July if you travel on a no-prior-booking practice. This is when every normal Northern-European citizen start their summer holidays in Direction South. Be especially aware of July 14th in France: After this date you should feel lucky to find any accomodation at all.
  • Stay away from sundays :
    The traffic is often excessive (and it should be a good day to make some sleep anyway)
  • ...
  • Drive fast
  • Do not drive too fast
  • Speed does not necessarily kill
  • Never panic
  • Enjoy

All advice are personal and critical. Not necessarily objective - but based on personal experience. No advice is paid for or influenced by any sponsor.


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