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speeding.roadmc.comDECEMBER 2014:
All stuff related to Speeding has now been moved to another place:
WWW.SPEEDINGEUROPE.COM. This is a modern blog which makes it possible for you to comment and correct on updated speed-limits and fines.

Please enjoy and participate to make speeding roadmc.com the ultimate source on European speed limits and fines!


streaming videoOur best and most underrated video? STRYN 2002:

Up Strynefjellet, NorwayExperience Up the mountains to Strynefjellet in Norway  - after all these years it’s still one of our best videos. At the same time, visitor statistics show that this video is clearly underrated. Give it a try!
(Yes - I know: It’s been a year since I published the last video. Rest assured: More will follow this autumn. I now have fantastic takes of Sulaskarsvegen, Norway made in July this year. When I have sorted out some technical problems (bad bike video electronics) the new video will be up. Until then, click here, then select Stryn for a free streaming experience ..

The download version is hi-res, true 16:9 widescreen but will cost you $3.

streaming videoSeptember 2005: five* VIDEO

New Video from NorwayExperience The Sognefjell Road in Norway  - a National Norwegian Tourist Road: 40 kms from the Fjords to the highest Norwegian mountains in 13 minutes.
This road may be the one of the main attractions in Norway. In majestic surroundings, high in the mountains past blue ice, jagged peaks and emerald lakes, the Sognefjell Road runs from Sognefjorden, the world`s longest fjord, through the massive Jotunheimen mountains.
And this may be the best ROADMC Video ever!
Just click here, then select Sognefjellsveien for a free streaming experience ..

The download version is hi-res, true 16:9 widescreen but will cost you $4.



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download motorcycle videos
Altough yoy may watch all videos for free any time from anywhere, I provide a service to those of you who wish to view the videos full screen offline or don`t have the connection to stream here and now. 

All videos are remastered for better quality and comes in high-res (1024X576) widescreen (16:9) format.

The Downside? You will have to pay the Micro Amount $2, $3 or $4 per video. If you can`t afford this you can`t afford to ride a bike - ?


What other people say

Streaming porn for motorcyclists!

'This is like streaming porn for motorcyclists!!!'    'Those guys are going to die using lane discipline like that!!!'   'Blatant disregard for the innocent peoples lives they put in danger.'   'Especially good for people wanting to study poor cornering technique coupled with the desire to look fast on video.'   'Dragging the brakes all around the corner.'   'Passing on blind corners.'   'Crossing the center-line.'   'The guys apparently love riding on both sides of the road too.' 'Probably the best footage available on the web of on-bike Alps riding'. 'If you want to see the passes from the riders view, you MUST visit this site. The highlights are a collection of on-bike videos taken by the loony Norwegian and some mates.' 'Trygghetssøkende eldre ungdommer!'
These are reality videos in virtual time and we do not claim to be perfect. The cameras are placed low and, although wide-angle, has a very restricted view compared to that of the rider.
Motorcycling is an extreme high-risk sport: We value the risks and stress the safety. The videos scare more than reality.


ROADMC: World-class motorcycle roads in Europe and Norway on video on-bike, the complete list on European and Norwegian reactions to speeding plus advice on equipment, books, maps, and MC video technology

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